PypeServer Lyte Monthly License

/ month with a 30-day free trial



PypeServer Lyte brings the power of PypeServer to TigerStop, RazorGage, and Kentucky Gauge automated positioners.  Automation Cutting options extend the capabilities of PypeServer Lyte to support Scotchman Saws, TigerSaws, and Kentucky Gauge compatible automated saws.

Enterprise level features such as cloud data imports and CAD compatibility are available for PypeServer Lyte as we’ve leveraged the variety of import types that helped PypeServer Enterprise become the industry standard software for piping profilers. Advanced features such as pipe nesting on a variable stock length allow this tool become flexible to any schedule or size of pipe.

With PypeServer Lyte, you get the power of the PypeServer workflow for whatever you cut, however you cut it: cast-iron, copper, PVC, all-thread, strut, rebar, lumber, and more.

Lyte takes advantage of our free PypeServer Connect plug-ins for Revit and AutoCAD so you can select parts right from your model and send them to Lyte on the shop floor for cutting, printing labels and updating part status as you go.